Sunday, September 24, 2006

Spring is threatening

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According to the tulips in the botanical gardens near my house - spring is upon us here in NZ. According to my friend the thermometer... not even close. Pics Here

Sporty Photos

Here's a grouping (I shrink from saying portfolio as I have so few in this category) of old photos I submitted for some "outdoorsy" work.

Out Run

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Speaking of being 28

I'm the one on the wall... in my work clothes.

Green with envy...

Damn, hearing stories of this year's ACL Fest makes me miss Austin!

I hope everyone had a blast, you lucky dogs.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Mas photos

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BTW, I uploaded some photos about 2 weeks ago. (I'm so on top of this blog) Shots from both my first weekend back up in Auckland and from Taupo weekend over my birthday, available here:

Checkin' in

I'm 28, but haven't changed much. My plan to take a photo a day, despite the inherent genius I still see in the idea, fell apart within 4 days.

I wrote this on my birthday:

"Today is my birthday, the second overseas. Since my last birthday I've spent 6 days in the U.S., and the telling emotion is the lack there of. A lack of surprise, unease, or a sense of being out of the ordinary. The longer I spend away, the further I move into what I had seen as the great blue beyond, yet the less exotic it feels."

Other than a fab weekend in Taupo for my weekend and a bit of snowboarding I've been buried with work (the IT kind). But, I'm shooting a fashion show and a concert this weekend, French classes going well, and my new flat mates are swell. Not to mention, the weather has begun to threaten spring, and that is fabulous news for a boy from Texas that feels the cold like a thin man.

No big news as I'm just pushing through the rat race.

BTW, My new address (so that I can be showered with postcards):
155 Grant Rd.
Wellington 6001
New Zealand