Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dead Laptop :-(

My laptop died a few weeks ago which has caused a rapid halt to my photo uploading, but fear not my oh-so-flash new MacBook Pro will be here in a week!

As it turns out, it arrives with my parents as well ;-) My Dad and Jane are coming for a visit and I'm quivering in my boots I'm so excited. See my folks, take a two week holiday to the South Island & Steward Island, AND get a new laptop - what more could a large child like myself want?

I have actually been reasonably busy since my last post. I hiked most of the Queen Charolette Track, had a work weekend, a weekend off, then spent a 4 day weekend in Author's Pass (where we hiked high enough to make snow angels in our shorts), and this last weekend shot a wedding and went to X-Air (a blatant rip off of the X-Games, but damn fun).

I've managed to get a couple break dancing photos loaded up from X-Air and I'll leave these here until I get around to sorting the rest of my photos of late.




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Anonymous said...

Hey Trey!!!!!!!!
Matt and I are really looking forward to seeing you in a couple of months. YAY! Geez, it's been a while! I can't wait to catch up with you. Actually, I must admit, I'm reading your blog to catch up on you. :-) Sorry, you can't cheat like me b/c I don't have a blog. So I have some ideas of some fun things we can do while you are here. Did you have something in mind that you wanted to see/do while you are in the amazing San Francisco? Did I mention I love it here? Do you need to be convinced to move here? It would be so fun to be neighbors again. Too bad the houses are all around $1M. Talk to you soon, Jess Shepherd shepsica@mac.com