Saturday, July 12, 2008

A New Love Affair

Still buzzing from an arts festival held in shipping containers scattered about a derelict wharf. Rusty cranes, sheds, old boats, the river Ij, and incredible architecture on the skyline worked well to open my mind to some very cool performances. Mix in friendly locals who greet me with smiles and even buy me wine.

Then I hop on my new bike (actually it’s probably older than me) and ride onto the pedestrian ferry back across the river. More incredible architecture, this time lit by sunset, sails by as we reach Centraal Station. Plug my iPod into my head as I gently roll west, when a stream of fantastic tunes come up by random – my idea of providence.

Kaiser Cartel’s acoustic goodness lulls me with “I can not find, distilled silence. It’s my own fault, that I can not listen to myself.” from Okay as I roll into The Jordaan and I’m entranced. Orange flecks of sunset bounce around on silky black water, old barges rest moored along the canals, and 400 year old buildings reach just above the trees around me as I lightly roll up and down the brick bridges’ arches.

I’m beginning to believe I’ll find a home here.

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