Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Wellington Sunrise

By some weird planetary alignment, or possibly a flock of butterflies in Paris, I was asleep by half ten last night. This caused the most unexpected result of waking naturally at half six in the morning. Remember, winter’s coming on here so it’s bloody dark.

Well, as I was feeling inexplicably rested I took a stroll on the wharf that’s about 200 yards from my building this morning and grabbed a couple snapshots of sunrise.

Hope all’s well wherever y’all are!

PS I found it odd that when I put these photos up, I noticed for the first time I didn't tag them as "Travel" - crazy how at home I feel here.




Jessi said...

Lovely! I woke up ridiculously early too! Miss you my friend...

Anonymous said...

...as do I. I'm living vicariously. KGIScott

Anonymous said...

...lovely indeed! Sending love your way, Tway!

Anonymous said...

awesome start for a day, in an exceptionally beautiful spot to call home!