Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Whoo Hoo! Earthquakes!

Had our second reasonably sized earth quake inside a week last night. (First one didn't wake me but I was aware of the one last night - it was a 7.6)

Check out our earthquakes here.


Jessi said...

Of COURSE you would love that! ;-) hehe

Maureen Hogan " said...
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Maureen Hogan " said...

Hey Trey, sweetie....the spurs are just about to lose to the mavericks, but you know what i think? i think those boys need a break and i'm glad for them to get some hold on a minute, thought, sweetie......they are now only down by 4 and who knows? those boys may pull this thing out.........makes me a nervous wreck....again, trey, i've loved your trip.......good for you and god bless you on your journey, incredible and amazing you are. love, maureen